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  • Fun Rules for Dynasty leagues.
  • Compensatory Pick Rule.  -  This is one of my favorites.  This a rule that awards compensatory picks for players who retire at a high level.  I have seen different variations, but our rule states, "If a player retires after a season and is at the top 7, 14, or 21 at their position, a compensatory pick of 1.11, 2.11, or 3.11 will be given at the next rookie draft."  This includes all 17 weeks of the NFL season.  The player must be kept on your roster until you swap them out with a rookie.  If there are two players who retire in the top 7, 14, or 21 at their different positions, the player with the higher total points will yield the higher compensatory pick (2.11 instead of 2.12)
  •      Variations.  Can include 4th and 5th round rookies.  Can change from Top 7, 14, 21 to a higher or lower positional ranking.
  •      This rule adds value to the veterans but unfortunately, not that many players go out on top.  Tiki Barber, Barry Sanders, Kurt Warner and Brett Favre are some of the only players recently to really have a good final season. 
  • Back to Back Pot Rule. - This one could be fun.  You take 5-15% of each seasons total pot and put it into a back to back pool.  The pot grows each year until someone wins back to back titles.  It could happen quickly or could grow to a nice pot. 

  • Starting Roster Variations.  There are too many to list but please send me some suggestions. 
  • One of my favorites is to replace Kicker and DST with 2-3 extra non-QB flex players.  I like this one because it reduces parity in a smaller (10 team) league.  You find yourself starting and rooting for guys, you aren't ever starting in other leagues.
  •    Another increasingly common one is for the ability to start 2QBs. I think this is the future of fantasy football.  There is so much parity at the QB position, the position has almost become obsolete in standard 1QB leagues.  In some circles, these are referred to as "super-flex" leagues if a flex spot can be a QB.  A 2QB league puts the priority of good QB play back in fantasy football like it is in the NFL.  When you see the ADP of guys like Matt Ryan and RG3 in standard leagues, you see that the position isn't too important anymore in your draft for 1 QB leagues.  
  • I play in a few 2TE leagues.  I like this again because you don't need a guy to develop into a top 10 option to start for you.  You get to root for players that otherwise are only bench players in standard leagues.